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About Gunner Foxx

As one of the last remaining few “true” Traditional Hatters left in existence by use of the early 19th Century felting methods and Hat Making techniques, handed down in name and blood from generations past...

I have been privileged with the unique ability to create just the right hat characterized for just the right head using only the finest felts and dressings no longer found today. Any and all sizes custom made to order to exact specifications or vivid imaginations...

From Tinsel Town’s top hats and unforgettable fedoras, to the Parlor Shop Pill Box and fine Panama Straws...

All repairs, restorations, recreations, and conversations for all things hat related are always welcomed...

Each and every custom-made hat created is done so with the Traditional “Last for Life” Guarantee on all hats made by the hands of the Hatter.

I feel this acts as a testament to the quality and craftsmanship long forgotten in the unspoken agreement between the Hatter and the Wearer.

Gunner Foxx


Established in 1942. Gunner Foxx trained with his grandfather since he was 10 years old. His Grandfather was one of the main Hollywood Hat Makers throughout the 1940s to the late 1970s. When Gunner trained with his grandfather he learned the true art of Hat Making. Gunner uses early 19th century hat making methods and felting techniques that no longer exist in todays hat industry. Gunner has made character pieces for films, actors, and musicians the last 15 years and now has opened his doors to the public so that the every day joe can have a real handmade hat. If a new hat is a lot to start then he can repair, re-shape, and clean your existing hat.


“ Today in an age of mass produced items. Technology has enabled businesses to be more profitable. Along with this advancement one thing seems to be missing. Passion. With a Gunner Foxx hat you can see and feel the passion that goes into every hat. Mr. Foxx creates each hat by hand and imagination. Creating a hat in this manner allows for his passion to manifest in each hat he makes and you can feel this when you wear it. The proof is in the compliments you will undoubtedly receive.  

Finally, the quality. I never really knew the difference in hat quality. There is a difference. Gunner only uses the finest beaver fur felt. The attention to detail is amazing. Aging of a hat (if you wish), ribbon, shaping of brim and crown, real leather sweat band. It's amazing!

There are many more things I could say about a Gunner Foxx hat but it would take pages. The best thing to do would be to visit Schaeffers Garment Hotel where Mr. Foxx resides and see the creations for yourself. Talk with him and you will feel the passion. You will be drawn to get a hat for yourself. This is how I ended up with 9 hats and looking forward to more. “

Mr. Ross Abaya

"When I first met Gunner in his hat shop in the back of Schaeffer's Garment Hotel he seemed to be like a man from another time, both in his work and in his personal style.  Initially reserved and well mannered, he looked me straight in the eye and shook my hand, and we became friends soon after that. After a while he agreed to let me film him, and watching him making his hats with total focus and dedication reminded me of alchemy - like in an old secret science, there's steam, fire, and mercury, all kinds of strange and interesting cents and chemical reactions, and it just amazes me to watch how over the course of several days a mere piece of felt turns into a timeless piece of art and beauty in his hands.

Gunner has made hats for some great artists and famous movie stars, but he seems strangely unfazed by the caliber of many of his clients. I've seen him work for celebrities, and I've seen him make hats for guys who had so save up the money to get a hat made by Gunner, and the public profile of his customers doesn't seem to make a difference to him. When I asked him about that he just shrugged and said that he doesn't want anybody's fame or image get in the way of making the right hat for that person, and I believe that's why all his clients keep coming back, famous or not. “

- Gandulf Hennig